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In partnership with community-based organizations, the Wraparound Project provides services to create social capital in individuals and communities affected by violence. Social capital is defined as features of the community such as trust, norms and networks that boost actions for the mutual benefit of community members. Investing in social capital, by fostering life skills, confidence, empowerment, and a sense of advocacy for one's community, is recognized as a strategy to improve population health. 

These are some of the services provided:

  1. Crisis response services along with the City's Crisis Response Network and crisis home visits.
  2. Vocational training programs via Art Workshops and Friends of the Urban Forest.
  3. Employment opportunities throughout the region.
  4. After school programs-San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation.
  5. Mental health services for victim and family.
  6. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through the Trauma Recovery Center.
  7. Completion of education through school advocacy and placement and referrals to the city’s General Education Degree resources.
  8. Higher education through Project Rebound.
  9. Art workshops.
  10. Assistance in obtaining a Driver’s License, temporary disability, and victim of crime services.
  11. Tattoo removal services via community partners such as Carecen. 

Wraparound, in collaboration with various community-based organizations, provides a variety of services. A list of these services can be found in Community Resources.

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